BIGtoken (BIG)

    BIGtoken is a consumer data management and distribution system.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly-traded company, SRAX (Nasdaq: SRAX), the team has experienced first hand the challenges and frustrations of working with digital data, and we believe it’s time to break down the barriers dividing consumers from the data they produce.

    BIG is the first consumer managed data marketplace where people can own, verify, and sell access to their data.

    Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX) , a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, announces the integration of mobile banking applications from some of the largest banks in the United States to BIGtoken,

    The first digital exchange of transparent and verified consumer data.

    Consumers can use BIGtoken to own, manage, and monetize their personal data and to control access to their information with the opportunity to earn rewards when their data is added and/or purchased by brands in secure, transparent transactions.

    How Does BIG Token BIG Work ?

    Every consumer is valuable, each is a commodity that together go on to generate over $130 billion dollars in revenue each year. Unfortunately, none of the profit goes back to the consumers. BIG, or Blockchain Identification Graph are looking to give back to consumers.

    There are several reasons they claim investors should work with them :

    . Compensation – You can earn tokens through the company when you sign up and share your data.

    . Choice – You decide what pieces of personal data can be sold and who they can be sold too.

    . Transparency – You verify your data and know exactly who is purchasing it.

    People are already accustomed to giving their data away. Every time you sign an agreement online, with companies like Facebook and Google – you are essentially giving other companies the freedom to buy and sell your data. And none of the money you give away goes back to you. Facebook and Google have already both already been investigated for collecting data illegally and selling it.

    How to join the BIGtoken Airdrop ?

    1. Join the BIGtoken Platform.

    2. Complete daily Surveys and link your Socials accounts.

    3. Share your referral link and earn additional rewards.



    Tokens                            BIG

     Est. Value                       N/A

    Referral                           10


     Token Type                     ERC20

     Price/Token                    N/A

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