Captain Bitcoin

Captain Bitcoin Airdrop

Captain Bitcoin Airdrop

Captain Bitcoin (CAPT)


Captain Bitcoin is a blockchain hero sharing the power of cryptocurrency with people like you. The founders and many of the core team have been active in the blockchain space for a few years now and feel there are no products designed specifically to drive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. To tackle this, they came up with Captain Bitcoin, a platform that gives away thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin daily, simply for watching videos and does so, in a fun and exciting manner.

There is also an 1 Bitcoin (BTC) prize pool to the 100 users with the most referrals :

– 1st Place : 0.25 BTC

– 2nd Place : 0.125 BTC

– 3rd Place : 0.0625 BTC

– 4th Place : 0.03125 BTC

– 5th Place : 0.015625 BTC

– 6th – 100th Place : 0.00542763 BTC

Beside the airdrop, there is also the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Bitcoin giveaway.

Captain Bitcoin Airdrop  is worth 1,000 CAPT tokens. Also, share your referral link to earn 2,000 CAPT tokens for every referral.

How to join the Captain Bitcoin Airdrop ?

  1. Register for the Captain Bitcoin Airdrop. (Note : You need to sync a Metamask wallet or web3 browser to your account.)
  2. Verify your mail & Log in to your account.
  3. Watch videos & answer multiple choice question correctly and earn crypto with the native CAPT token.
  4. Share your referral link to earn 2,000 CAPT tokens for every referral and make a chance to win Bitcoin prizes !