CoinBundle is the easiest way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies. CoinBundle lets you invest in different crypto currencies quickly, all in one place
    CoinBundle is airdroping 30,000,000 CoinBundle Tokens to grow the community and distribute tokens to early adopters of the platform.
    The cap is 30,000 participants, which means 1000 BNDL per participant with a minimum estimated value of $60

    How to join ?

    1. Sign Up to Coinbundle website

    2. Confirm your Email

    3. Complete Daily Social media tasks to earn extra Coinbundle Tokens

    4. Start Investing in different Bundles to Win Prizes

    5. you can also earn an additional 100 BNDL tokens for every successful referral



     Tokens                            300

     Est. Value                       $18

     Referral                           100


     Token Type                     ERC20

     Price/Token                    $0.06

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    ETH : 0xbE6cb25854073B6f2efcCE48A74E110Ae5ac87f1

    BTC : 16EHp18by2N5oo3whNcE2YtKi1YRT8udu1

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