Ducatus Network

Ducatus Network (DUC)


Ducatus Network is Building a connected, empowering and lasting financial future. Ducatus provides the world’s strongest combination of cryptocurrency infrastructure and a network marketing distribution system.

Leveraging the distribution power of a carefully structured network marketing system with the scalability, security, and durability of a robustly designed cryptocurrency gives your Ducatus coins real and lasting value.

Ducatus Network Airdrop is worth up to 2,020 DUC Tokens (~$ 101).

Also, earn 1,000 DUC (~$ 50) for each referral who signs up, completes KYC and makes their first purchase on the platform.

How to join the Ducatus Network Airdrop ?

  1. Register for the Ducatus Network Airdrop.
  2. Verify your email addres.
  3. Complete KYC. (+1,000, mandatory)
  4. Join the lock-in program. (+1,020 DUC, optional)
  5. Also, earn 1,000 DUC (~$ 50) for each referral (KYC and purchase required)


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