Even Network (EVEN)

    Even is a decentralized exchange platform with high-speed functioning and advanced trading tools. It’s available for everyone, developed and supported by Even Network company.

    EVEN Network — is an open cross-chain platform with EVEN cryptocurrency that allows users to interact with more than one blockchain at a time.

    Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol (CIP) : A protocol for secure cross-chain transactions, including transferring, exchanging, and storing digital assets.

    Rated DAG : An algorithm that makes it possible to distribute transaction data within the network and reach a consensus at a very high speed, while also allowing for easy network scalability.

    Cross-chain smart contracts : Create smart contracts, define their launch hierarchies and conditions of execution, and route them on multiple blockchain platforms.

    Safe of Digital Assets (SoDA) : A distributed storage facility for the management, cross-chain exchange, and storage of digital assets.

    EVEN Foundation is airdropping 1000 EVEN tokens to new users. Signup using the below link to get 1000 EVEN tokens. Also get 500 EVEN for each referral.

    How to join the Even Network Airdrop ?

    1. Register for the Even Network Airdrop, by creating an account. A popup will appear on the site.

    2. Verify your mail. If you didn’t received a mail, check your spam. (+ 1000 EVEN)

    3. Log in to your account and complete KYC verification. Click on ”Bounty program” and complete the tasks. (+ up to 400 EVEN)

    4. Submit your details after every task.

    5. Also get 500 EVEN for each referral.

    6. Earn up to 1400 EVEN tokens after completing all of the tasks.

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