Gozo is the industry-first blockchain-enabled multi-token crypto wallet, loyalty reward points clearing house, and travel club.
    By leveraging blockchain technology, Gozo is providing greater efficiency, liquidity and travel savings to the consumer. Gozo’s simple and consumer friendly interface allows users to harness the power and complexity of blockchain to track and exchange valuable loyalty reward points into crypto tokens or even local fiat currency.
    As a tokenized loyalty reward platform, travel providers will also reap the benefits of Gozo’s blockchain platform. Businesses can customize the Gozo tokenized reward platform to fit their loyalty reward plan for their customers, providing the business with greater network efficiency, consumer transparency, and ultimately overall cost savings and reduced financial liability.
    Gozo is airdropping 1150 GOZO tokens (~$ 23) to airdrop participants and 400 GOZO tokens (~$ 8) for every referral up to 20.

    ICO Price: 1 GOZO = $0.02

    How to join ?

    1. Sign up to the Gozo Platform ( click on ”Join now” )

    2. Verify your email address and complete KYC

    3. Go to the dashboard and click on ”Airdrop”

    4. Join Social account of GOZO Platform

    5. Activate 2FA in the dashboard. (+150 GOZO, Optional)

    6. Submit your Stellar wallet address and other details to your profile



     Tokens                            1150

     Est. Value                       $23

     Referral                           400


     Token Type                     ERC20

     Price/Token                    $0.02

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