Kubo (KUBO)

    Kubo is A secure payment processing system for effortless transfer of crypto funds into fiat or other crypto assets.

    KUBOLink :

    KUBOlink.com is an all-inclusive fansite for KUBOcoin and its community. You no longer need to have multiple websites saved, simply bookmark kubolink.com as one of your favorites. Links to the official website, each of the social media platforms, and CMC data are listed here. The website is very easy to navigate with a one click environment that connects you to all things KUBO related.

    KUBOlink.com is also home to KUBOLink exchange, formerly known as TCXHUB exchange. The KUBO team purchased and acquired this exchange in early 2019 to implement KUBO as a native currency for trading pairs against other digital currencies. KUBOLink exchange is easily accessible, fast, and totally secure.

    KUBODex :

    KUBOdex is a decentralized application, allowing for peer-to-peer interactions, which is a major proponent to a permissionless model without central authorities. In a DEX, each user is in private control of their own funds, so there is no central point of attack. KUBOdex is a marketplace, as it is done from one specific peer to another, rather than as a broadcast to anyone on the network.

    KUBO Blockchain :

    In pursuit of providing more incentives for the Kubo investors to support the project and developments, while attracting a new community of crypto enthusiasts into Kubo, the Kubo development team is implementing masternodes and the Proof of Stake algorithm on a new Kubo block chain. The new block chain, mobile wallets and desktop wallets will be released October 1, 2019 and will replace the current Ethereum based Kubo. This transition will shift Kubo from a token on another crypto’s block chain to a coin on its own block chain that is self contained.

    KuboCoin Airdrop Contest is worth 250,000 KUBO tokens (~$7) for 25 randomly picked winners.

    Also, there are leaderboard prizes :

    – 1st prize is 20 million KUBO tokens (~$540).

    – 2nd – 8th price is 2 million KUBO tokens (~$54).

    – 9th – 15th price is 1 million KUBO tokens (~$27).

    – 15th – 25th price is 500,000 KUBO tokens (~$13.5).

    How to join the Kubo Airdrop ?

    1. Sign up to the KuboCoin Airdrop page

    2. Submit your ETH wallet address.

    3. Complete different tasks to earn up to 8450 entries.

    4. Refer friends to earn additionnal 50 entries for every referral.

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