Pibble (PIB)

    PIBBLE is a blockchain based cryptocurrency that collects image creators and consumers together and compensates for the activities they create, consume and enjoy.

    [Project5] PIBBLE ongoing Airdrop events ! $300,000 value of tokens will be distributed !

    IMPORTANT! All PIBBLE from this Event will be paid AFTER the event is completed (March 4th).

    ICO Price : 1 PIB = 0.000005 ETH

    [Project 5] Ongoing Airdrop events :

    1. Vote for PIBBLE and receive 200% Airdrop.

    2. Register for a PIBBLE wallet on Allbit and receive 2,000 PIB

    3. 2,000 bonus PIB for your first transaction of the day. If you do more than 10 transactions over the event, receive a 200% bonus!

    4. Referral event : Refer a friend to PIBBLE and receive additional bonuses!

    5. Fill out the Google Form after Registering.



     Tokens                            N/A

     Est. Value                       N/A

     Referral                           N/A


     Token Type                     ERC20

     Price/Token                    N/A

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