Rewardiqa Airdrop

Rewardiqa Airdrop

Rewardiqa (REW)


Built on the back of blockchain technology, Rewardiqa’s gamified microtask & advertising platform creates opportunities for people around the world to advertise & earn money or cryptocurrency.

Rewardiqa (REW) token is an ERC20 token type with a current price of 0.04 USD and a total supply of 21,000,000,000 REW tokens.

Rewardiqa is airdroping 1,500 REW tokens with an estimated value of 60 USD for completing some easy social media tasks.

How to join the Rewardiqa Airdrop ?

  1. Go to the Rewardiqa Airdrop Page and click on “Airdrop Live”.
  2. Submit your name and email address in Step 1 and Twitter handle in Step 2.
  3. Join Rewardiqa on Telegram.
  4. Subscribe to Rewardiqa’s YouTube channel.
  5. Download the Rewardiq’s Application on the Google Play Store.
  6. Enter promotional code : rtIyUZ3u9qmQNd4g
  7. Submit your ETH address.